No More Lady Gaga Please!

Lady Gaga is undoubtedly one of the biggest artists of this past year. She has gained more followers and parodies about her than any other artist to date. With her crazy dress choices for concerts to her provocative lyrics has gained too much attention for her lack of talent.

Lady GaGa - Icon of 2011?

Most teenage girls will swear they are Gaga fanatics, which is scary for a society seeing young girls follow a lady who has dirtier lyrics than some rap artists. She had her big single Poker Face that gave her most of her fame that is mainly all about sex. When you look at her followers, these pre-teen girls listening to these lyrics begin to think sex is okay for them. Is it weird to say that teenage pregnancies have spiked as well, you don’t think it’s a coincidence it is a direct effect from artists like Lady Gaga and others.


The more she is seen around in the magazines with her provocative dresses and sayings the more it seems to be okay to be the way she is. What a new way to look at things that teenagers are okay with having regular sex and having babies. Would you want your child to have these beliefs and think its okay to be doing things she’s talking about?

Lady GaGa

She doesn’t need to change her style. She can do whatever she wants to do it’s America. But to gear your sort of music and style to young girls is not right and there should be something put in effect to keep pre-teen girls from looking up to this kind of style of music. The fact that there’s been no talk about the actually quality of music is because she knows what kind of music she is trying to make. Music that college kids can listen to when they go to parties, recognize and dance too. Now that’s all good and dandy but when it starts getting seen as a pre-teen and early teen market it’s wrong and should be changed. So, please no more Lady Gaga for our children. The morals of our society hang on the fact that we allow our young children to look up to such artist’s when their minds are not developed enough to understand these concepts.