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Tamara Bubble is a soulful pop performer from Brooklyn. Where we first discovered Tamara’s musical vibe we were impressed and she is therefore one of our featured artists for this month. Read the full in-depth interview below where Tamara discusses, amongst other things, her creative process for creating her music, what she’s currently working on and what she’s hoping to achieve over the next year.


Tamara Bubble


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Q: If you could use a tagline of less than 20 words to describe your music and who you are what would it be?

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Dance, R&B, Hip Hop and Soul. Music that defies genre from the Brooklyn bombshell.


Q: What is your musical background?

Gospel. I’ve been singing in church since I was old enough to talk. I decided to make a career out of this about two years ago.  I remember I met with a producer who heard I could sing.  He had some tracks that he needed reference vocals on to submit to the majors.  He told me I had pipes lol, but then he asked if I wrote music too?  I told him “I do now”!  The next day I wrote 10 songs in like a couple hours.


Q: How have the last 12 months been for you?

One Grammy short of amazing LOL.  As an independent artist, I’ve been featured in numerous publications, developed a widespread fan base and been fortunate enough to expose my music to the masses via Fox 5 TV and NBC.  I’ve opened for major artists in the U.S., received mainstream radio play. I just recently embarked on my first promo tour in March to promote my debut album “Unleashed”, which slated to drop this August.  The feedback from industry contacts and fans has been remarkably positive and my live shows are beyond bubbly!


Q: Who inspires you musically?

In general, I’m inspired by some of the big name Jazz, R&B, Dance, Gospel and Rap legends overall. When it comes to Jazz, I love to scat and Ella Fitzgerald is the reason why.  For rap, Biggie was the reason I actually started to pay attention to the lyrics.  I love beautiful harmonies so I listened to a lot of the 90s groups in R&B and Gospel like Take 6, En Vogue, Brownstone, SWV, and the list goes on. Oh and Michael Jackson IS the King of Pop! Nuff said.

When it comes to writing though, I’m spired by what I see, feel and experience. Whatever’s real to me because that’s what people can relate to. I could see a girl walking down the street crying … and the lyrics and melodies will come to me.  Like the entire hook I will just start singing it. A lot of times it’s the music production too.  I can listen to a track for the first time and start singing the hook and everything. It really just comes to me.


Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble


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Q: Which modern day artists do you look up to?

Nobody really modern. Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah.  I think they are excellent, powerful examples of women in music that both sing and rap and are remembered for their meaningful, powerful messages and lyrical content.


Q: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate or gig with?

I haven’t really focused on that because I’m convinced that I should continue to work on my craft and solidify my sound as an artist so that other artist will know what I can bring to the table. On my debut album, I actually didn’t do any collaborations because I didn’t want the co-sign of a major artist. I just “Unleashed”.  I wanted my fans to know that I have a crazy range. I sing everything from Baritone to Soprano, I sing the lead and background vocals, the harmonies, I rap, and I scat.  I want people out there to know me for my complete sound. I think as time goes on, the collabs will come.


Q: What songs are you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to Lena Horne and Michael Jackson (his ‘Bad’ album was my ultimate favorite).  A lot of times, I won’t listen to the music. When I know the lyrics, I sing to myself.


Q: What is your creative process for creating a track?

I’m all about blending genres and speaking on touchy subjects. I enjoy singing or rapping about the big pink elephant in the room.  I record the good, the bad and ugly!  When recording, I really get the opportunity to play with my melodies and range.  I come in the studio with the lyrics and how I intend to lay down the vocals, but some of the productions that I plan to rap on, I end up singing to or scatting or combining all three.  Some songs have no production. My creativity has a very real, raw edge to it.

As far as the writing process goes, it’s very unorthodox. I’m really all over the place. Most of my songs come in the shower … but that sentence may not be suitable for kids lol!! Other times, I use my cell phone to record melodies, when I don’t yet have the lyrics in mind.  I write on napkins, “bubble” gum wrappers, if I’m on my laptop I type, and when I don’t have anything around me to write on, I’ll sing, sing, sing until the lyrics / melody get stuck in my head!


Q: What’s more important, melody or lyrics?

I always believed the lyrics were because the message and meaning of your song is what people live through, but when I started scatting, I realized that sometimes no lyrics or sounds and words that you can’t interpret are just as powerful when it comes to music.  It’s whatever the listener believes and feels from your music that it most important.


Q: Where are you based?

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, USA.


Q: What’s it like being where you’re from?

It’s like any other major city with crime, poverty, adversity or all the bad stuff you hear on the news.  I think growing up in that environment allows you dream big and want to make a change or be heard.  Lots of big name artist came from my city. They all have their stories.  I grew up with a lot of love from my family. I grew up in church. The environment does determine the outcome. I wouldn’t change mine for the world.


Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble



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Q: What are you currently working on?

My debut album “Unleashed” is complete and ready to go. It is now available on Pre-Order from my official website click on “Music”.  I’ve been all over the East coast and Midwest states in the U.S. touring.  I’ve also been doing heavy radio promo in West Coast and online. Once the awareness is there I’ll add more shows from the west coast and overseas.  It’s such a fun and sexy process.


Q: What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

I did a show in New York and when I finished my set, I was introduced to a new fan of mine who was still in tears from the song last song I sang.  It was highlight for me because that’s when I realized that music is real and people are influenced by the lyrics, the delivery and the power in your message.


Q: What are you hoping to achieve in over the next 12 months?

I hope to have garnered international presence as an indie artist. I just want the opportunity to share my music with world. I want people to have an effect on people’s lives and decisions through something I may have sang or rapped about. Some video that I may have done.


Q: Do you have any gigs or shows that you’d like to tell us about?

Yes!! All of upcoming promo tour shows are listed on my official website as well as the dates and where you purchase tickets in advance. I’m still adding shows to the tour so I’ll be in a city near you very soon babes!


Q: What do you do to relax?

I like me time! Long hot baths, long showers. Most of the time when I’m relaxed music will come to me lol and interrupt my relaxation.  I force myself to get up and write it down so I don’t forget it or I end up singing it repeatedly so that I won’t forget it.


Q: Where would your favourite holiday (vacation) be and why?

I don’t really like the summer, but it’s because of the humidity.  And I don’t really do because I can’t swim. LOL I’ve always wanted to go to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, but I’d probably stay inside away from the sun and water writing music or singing.


Q: If you could give a little piece of advice for new or aspiring musicians what would it be?

Have patience and be prepared to waste time and money.  In this industry you’ll meet people that don’t deliver or don’t have the connections they say they have.  It’s all about being willing to start over and over again until you’re dealing with the right people and team, but as an indie artist, there are many things you’ll have to be able to do for yourself.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to let our readers know about?

I have a thing for chicken, ice and video games in no particular order lol.  I’m not a comedian although I do keep people laughing around me.  I also act and model. Musically, I’m just getting warmed up. Stay tuned.

Shout Outs: to my team … My manager P-spell, stylist Tope, choreographer Javier, publicist Cece, make up artist Vikki-O, graphics designer Carlton and everyone else working non-stop behind the scenes to get the bubble popping.

Shout out to you guys for allowing me this platform to expose my music and artistry.  I always say it doesn’t matter how good your music is or how much talent you have if no one ever hears it.

Shout out to my fans and Team Bubble.  I really appreciate those people who will recognize the talent before everyone else co-signs.  Thanx 4 sticking with me babes! It’s only a matter of time ^_^


Editor’s Note: Tamara Bubble’s first strides in  the music industry are impressive. She has artistic, soulful creativity with a commercial vibe. We’re looking forward to how her career develops over the coming months and years.

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