Dominique Young Unique: The Next Big Female Electro-Rapper?

A couple years back in hipster-club circles, sassy female electro-pop-hip-hop artists were all the rage. M.I.A. protege Rye Rye seemed especially poised for mainstream success thanks to her famous backer, and other artists like Kid Sister and Amanda Blank similarly won fans for spitfire mixtapes and dance floor bangers.

While these all remain underground favorites still, they haven’t really reached maximum velocity. Rye Rye is currently working on a comeback after fading out of the public eye to have a baby. Kid Sister’s would-be pop breakthrough album often disappointed her old fans with its unabashed mainstream aspirations, but failed to ignite many new ones. Amanda Blank, meanwhile, wrote more of a pop-rock debut album, which didn’t really bubble over either.


Dominique Young Unique

Still, while they soldier on, there’s another new flavor du jour on the come-up: Dominique Young Unique (, a young female rapper from the somewhat unlikely location of Tampa, Florida. Then again, it’s the same city that birthed Yo Majesty, another female rap act that crossed over into some electro club success a few years back — and it’s under their tutelage that she began rapping at the tender age of 12! Now 19-years-old, she’s spent the last year going harder, releasing free mixtapes and singles, and performing all over festivals in Europe, like the 2010 edition of Pukkelpop.

Dominique Young Unique

It’s paid off with some increased press, and a nod from MTV last year when it named her one of its five freshmen of the summer. ( Yes, that was based largely off a brazen single called, well, “Show My Ass.”

Now, while she works on a proper debut album, she’s released another new, free mixtape, called Glamorous Touch. Over 11 tracks, she rhymes over an almost-crazy selection of other pop hits, including the instrumental version of Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Brave indeed. Stream the whole mixtape and download it for free below.

Download: Dominique Young Unique -- Glamorous Touch mixtape



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