The Brit Awards Does Have Some Big Winners

It can be easy to criticise the Brit Awards and there is certainly nothing new or innovative about the majority of artists that feature but it is a great way for people to find out about music. Most music fans will find it incredulous that some people are only hearing of acts like Arcade Fire, Adele or Mumford & Sons for the first time at these events but then again, not everyone takes music as seriously as hard-core fans.




For all that there are group of hard-core music fans that buy albums every week and spend a lot of time checking out new bands on the internet, there are many more people who will experience artists for the first time through events like this. One of the most interesting things after these award shows is to look at the sales of an artist and to see if their sales figures rise dramatically. Thanks to iTunes and other downloading sites, it is possible to see almost instantaneously which bands benefit from their appearance on these shows.


Huge sales increases for some artists

In the day after the Brit Awards, some of the major acts on the night featured huge increases in sales. It has been reported that Mumford & Sons album sales rose by 2,000% compared to sales prior to the event. Okay, they may have sold very little albums in the lead-up to the Brit Awards and this 2,000% increase may not involve astronomical sales but it is still an astounding figure. Other artist who experienced big spikes in album sales includes Tinie Tempah, Adele, Arcade Fire, Plan B and even Rihanna.

Who does not know Rihanna by now?

You would think that everyone in the world knows Rihanna and if they had any intention of buying her album they would have done so by now but it seems not. Even some of the biggest artists in the world are able to experience stellar sales from appearing at an award ceremony so you can see why the music industry is so keen to have them.





Most people are aware that the only people that make serious money from the music industry are the record labels but this sort of exposure will push artists like Mumford & Sons or Adele to even bigger heights and Adele is perfectly positioned to make the most of her new found popularity.

On the back of the award ceremony, the artist announced a UK tour for September with tickets going on sale in the same week as the award show. This sort of timing indicates the importance of these award ceremonies to labels and the industry but if it gives people more opportunities to see some great talent perform, it is not a bad thing.

Many people are opposed to award ceremonies for musical talent and it is a good point. Music is an art form and surely all art is subjective? Trying to compare the merits of an Adele album against a Tinie Tempah record should be a futile exercise because it is not a case of like versus like. The only thing is, the benefits of having these award shows are all too evident for record labels and they will be keen to see them continue. The only positive comes from the fact that some people can find out about artists that they may not have done otherwise.


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