Who is Jessie J?

Winning the BBC Sound Of…. yearly award can place a lot of expectation on artist but past winners have managed to do okay. Corrine Bailey Rae, Mika, Adele, Little Boots and Ellie Goulding may have various levels of success to their name but each carved out a following and interest of their own.

It is probably no surprise then that the winner of the BBC Sound of 2011 contest, Jessie J, is already riding high at number 2 in the charts with her track ‘Do It Like A Dude’.

To be a pop star today requires a mix of memorable melodies and a personality that is slightly off the wall. It would be unfair to blame all this on Lady Gaga, after all, the best pop stars have always contained an element of kookiness but Gaga has certainly raised the bar on strange behaviour and styling.

What is Jessie J's Muse?

She is not Gaga but she may not be all there

Jessie J is not going to be the British Lady Gaga but she does appear to have a style that will divide critics instantly. Perhaps more importantly, it will grab her attention and followers in no time at all.

The sound of ‘Do It Like A Dude’ could come from anywhere, all computerised vocals and scratchy beats but there is something that remains quintessentially British about it all. This should ensure that Jessie J becomes a star in her home land before she attempts to take over the world.

Does she have the X Factor?

In a funny sense, Jessie J strikes you as the artist that Cher Lloyd would like to be when, and if, she grows up.  The young rapper’s performance on the X Factor every week seemed to create bigger diversions and disagreements between family friends than any other performer but all the while, there was a more fully formed version of Cheryl Tweedy’s prodigy waiting in the wings.

With tour dates in Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol at the end of January and more pencilled in after the release of debut album, ‘Who You Are’, there is no doubt that Jessie J is a face and name you will become accustomed to seeing this year. Transferring the sound of the studio to the live arena is a major test for any artist and this will be where Jessie J needs to perform in order to live up to the potential and hype surrounding her.

Jessie J has to live up to the hype

Early live performances have suggested she is capable of fronting a stage and involving the crowd but now that expectations and the spotlight are on her, will Jessie

J be able to take the step up that will surely come from playing in front of bigger audiences.

Who is Jessie J?

Who is Jessie J?

On initial impressions, Jessie J is a spiky and aggressive artist, which should make for interesting interviews and sound bites. With too many pop acts becoming bland non-entities, there is a big gap for an artist that can speak their mind but deliver pop-tastic tunes and fascinating live shows with it. Time will tell if Jessie J is that girl but the early sings are that 2011 could indeed be her year.

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