What Will Become of the X-Factor’s Rebecca Ferguson?

Rebecca Ferguson

If you weren’t blown away by her first audition on X-Factor, then your heart is made of stone. A shy (and extremely nervous) Rebecca Ferguson sang Sam Cooke’s classic, A change Is Gonna Come, possessing a world-class soulful voice that can be easily compared to someone like Etta James. All three judges (Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger) were presently surprise that such a soulful voice, which is somewhat original, came from a petrified girl who was constantly starring at the floor during the entire audition. The Pussycat Doll went as far as saying “Your voice moved me.” Not a bad thing for a first major audition!

With such positive comments, it came to no surprise that the 24 year old from Liverpool sailed through to the live show. We saw the mum-of-two blossomed right before are eyes, putting her stamp on classic songs. Right from the first audition, her fashion style was admired by many- male and female, making her a firm style icon. Even presenter Dermot O’Leary had a sneaky look!

A breath of fresh air to the singing competition, there no doubt that Rebecca will scoop the winning spot. However she marginally missed that prize to fellow contestant Matt Cardle (also a creditable singer). This is not the end of Ms Ferguson.

Once that show was over, she was immediately snapped up by Syco owned by, guess who…Simon Cowell, sealing a 1 million record deal and has performed in countless events – G.A.Y and her at hometown Liverpool Arena.

Dermot O’Leary wasn’t the only one who admires Rebecca. She also caught the attention Hollywood actor Colin Ferrell. He described Rebecca as ‘absolutely stunning’ and would like to ‘hook up’ with her. There are also reports that he asked a little help from his friends to make it happen.

If Rebecca has any sense, she should stay well clear of the Irish womaniser, as has the world at her feet right now – Amy Winehouse begging to write songs for her. So it wouldn’t be a big surprise if she becomes a big success story worldwide, especially America in a year’s time.

The possibility could be endless for Ms Ferguson. Making her mark in the fashion industry, with her flawless style it’s easy to imagine her being the face of a major designer label. Maybe, in the distant future, acting could be on the cards (well if Madonna can do it, so can anyone!).

So whatever direction Ms Ferguson wishes to take – mark my words, you haven’t seen the last of her.

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