Robyn is a Major Funky Electro Pop Star

When it comes to funky electro pop, everyone has their own take on the sound but pop fans recognise the work that Swedish pop star Robyn has made to the world of music. For well over a decade, Robyn was criminally overlooked in the UK charts and by music lovers everywhere but in the last year or two, the artist has been getting the praise and acclaim that has been long overdue.


The singer confounded music critics by releasing three separate mini-albums in 2010, all of which formed the ‘Body Talk’ trilogy. Given the changing nature of music availability and the rise of downloads, packaging music in this way makes perfect sense and has made Robyn a bit more accessible. It can sometimes be easy to overlook an album because it has a large number of tracks on it but by providing output in more manageable numbers, Robyn has created a greater interest in her latest material.


Robyn has worked with some big names

All of which has created a further interest in her back catalogue and Robyn is in greater demand than she has ever been before. Many people first became aware of Robyn through her collaboration with other artists, which indicates she is a vocalist in demand. Basement Jaxx, Britney Spears and Snoop Doggy Dogg are just some of the acts that have benefited from the distinctive vocal styles of the Scandinavian singer.


Emerging from a pop background, Robyn’s musical style took on a funkier and electro edge in 2005 with the ‘Robyn’ album. This contained the worldwide smash hit ‘With Every Heartbeat’ and this track remains the bets known song of the song. Although downbeat in tone, the pulsating bass and memorable video brought the singer to the attention of a whole new audience and her musical output since has followed this style.


Robyn has had a major influence on current artists

It is easy to draw a line from the ‘Robyn’ album to the many female pop singers operating in the UK today. Acts like Little Boots, Ellie Goulding and La Roux have taken great influence from Robyn and no doubt there will be many more artists that release songs and albums in this style. It is not as if Robyn can take the claim for this genre or its popularity but her worldwide success has opened the door for other artists to make music in this manner. Record labels are always keen to have their own version of a popular artist and the number of imitators that have followed Robyn is a compliment to her success.

Even after the trio of releases in 2010, there is talk that Robyn is set to release a new album at some point in 2011, which will no doubt place the singer back on the touring and promotional treadmill. Robyn has developed a strong reputation for live performances in recent years and is a staple act of the European festival circuit. With the singer being in high demand, do not be surprised to see her name appearing on the line-up of a great number of festivals this summer.

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