Lil Wayne is Beginning to Become Just Another T-Pain

Lil Wayne is the most overrated rapper of all time. You should not be scared to say this because anyone can take auto-tune and call themselves the best rapper alive in every song. It takes a true poet and lyricist to be truly regarded as an overall all time rapper.

Many college students as of right now would disagree on this topic, that Lil Wayne is way overrated for the music he puts out. His lyrics and sampling of other artist’s beats shows his true limits as a real artist as of now. You cannot just pronounce yourself the greatest rapper alive in every song and have that be the reason you’re so popular. The main reason for his success has been through his first few albums, which were full of great tracks and what you could say was a rapper on his way to greatness. Than somewhere along that road Lil Wayne decided in his brain he didn’t need to be creative anymore and with the use of auto-tune helped launch a million and a half mixtapes full of repetitive lyrics with non of his own beats.


For him to try and compare to someone like Tupac or Biggie who shaped Hip-Hop, is an insult to the industry. The ability he had when he first started out on the scene with Birdman was amazing. He was able to turn average tracks into number ones with his lyrics and unique voice. After The Carter was released, it all went to his head and he became a clown in many eyes. He used the popularity of marijuana to draw in the adult teen audience into his albums and records. It’s irritating that he had so much he had achieved with his originality, to throw it all away with a bunch of untalented mixtapes. If Tupac were alive today he would be running his mouth all over Lil Wayne on how he needs to clean up his act. Lil Wayne is a good rapper gone a little astray in his career. In his next few years he should take his new style and get rid of it, while trying to revert back to his old self.

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