Eminem – Rapper of the Decade?


Eminem, Slim Shady or Marshal Mathers, whatever his alter egos may be, has for the past decade not only been the best rapper of this decade, he has blown out any competition that has even tried to come close to him. You  need to know he did all this and there’s one other thing too. He’s white.

Eminem started out as a loud mouth, obnoxious and celebrity bashing rapper and turned into not only an outstanding rapper, but he was named rapper of the decade. Now, when he first came out with his CD Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 it became the fastest sold rap CD sold ever. The music industry had many different ideas for this man, taking him from fame to superstar status. He was able to take all his family and emotional problems and turn them lyrically to some of the best lyrics in this decade. Each and every CD he has come out with since the Marshall Mathers LP has been nothing but sheer genius and being able to compete in an industry that was dominantly filled of only black males, shows his ability to overcome adversity with his own unique style. He was called out numerous times that the only reason he had any success was because he was white. Over the years he has shown that it wasn’t a matter of race but a matter of talent and dedication.


He has called out more celebrities and other artists than any other rapper, with an I don’t give a S#*t attitude which turned out to be exactly what the people wanted. By people it means mostly middle class white kids who wanted to rebel against their parents. But with that giving him the start he needed, he quickly gained the respect of the industry and made his name a household name in America. He not only has come out with great CD’s he has shown his ability to freestyle and destroys the competition and he has also done a little acting of his own as well. On top of all that he came out with his own record label along with Dr. Dre and signed big hits like 50 Cent and G-Unit. This is where he has seen his success sky rocket even higher than before. There is no doubt that this man is the greatest rapper of the decade and hopefully continues on his road of success.

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