Music Review: Obehi

R&B Pop hopeful Obehi, who simply describe herself as  ‘a shy girl who loves singing’, is all set to release her second single, Bittersweet.


Obehi - Could Take R&B By Storm in 2011

The Nigerian-born singer/songwriter moved to Scotland at the tender age of eight, developing a deep-rooted passion for music, hailing artists Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Beyonce, Rihanna and even Britney Spears as her musical influences.

In pursuing her passion, the 23-year-old has gained moderate success with her first single, Everything, in Edinburgh and Glasgow and has already performed in countless of venues across Scotland. With this new single, Obehi is hoping to make her mark in the UK music industry and become a household name along the way.

Bittersweet described as a ‘rollercoaster ride of love and companionship’ comprises of four songs, penned by Obehi herself. The single eases into the track, Oxygen, which is a ‘typical style of the artist: an average soulful voice (similar to Rihanna) coupled with smooth, tranquil melody and a slight presence of the guitar.

Although Oxygen is an adequate song, it doesn’t offer everything original and can be easily labelled as boring.

Love Is A Pain is a beautifully produced song, telling a story of a messy break-up -- something everyone can relate to. With just a guitar is a main feature in this song you can start to appreciate the quality of Obehi’s soulful voice. Love Is A Pain can be easily enjoyed when relaxing on a hot summer day.


You’ll get a fright from the third track, as the first two tracks were so tranquil. Fool has an edgier beat, similar to Black Eye Peas hit Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night. Is it a potential chart-topper? I’ll let you decide.


The final track, Heartbreaker, brings the single back to tranquillity, which is a plus. The downside is that it is forgettable after five minutes.


Not totally convinced that Obehi would generate a huge fan base overnight or knock Rihanna off the R&B Pop throne. At best, her songs are pleasant to the ears. Apart from Love Is A Pain, the production of the songs are not quite there, which is a shame as Obehi has a commercially good voice that would be appreciated in today’s pop music industry.

However, with the perfect song and better production, Obehi just might knock Rihanna off that throne! Despite the songs, the girl has great potential.

Obehi - Bittersweet

Single: Bittersweet

Release date: 21 February 2011

Record label: GNI Records

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