Sometimes Pop Just Needs to Stop

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are a direct shot in the face to any sort of real music that is being made or has been created. It starts with the pre-teen girls and leads into an American phenomenon that the world can go without. These artists would do anything to for money and fame and do so by slowly killing the musical industry.

Pop music has gone from being okay to a new moment of disappointment. The beginning of the end was the invention of the boy bands such as N’sync and the Backstreet Boys. They created millions of dollars off of songs they geared toward young pre-teen girls. Now look what the pop genre has created, Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. The music world could do better than these Disney and early teen stars. They have created many songs that have caught the attention of many fans, this you can’t knock them for. They took what they could and made music that made them a good amount of money. The believability in their lyrics is something you have to question with the fact of their age and the things the sing about like love and life. A 16 or 17 year old still has plenty to learn at that age and have truly not fallen deeply in love like some of us have.

Bands like N’sync were showing images that weren’t threatening and weren’t bad ones for teens to follow. Now we have a child like Justin Bieber who doesn’t know where Germany is or the fact that it’s an actually country, and singing about things like love that he doesn’t truly know about yet. It just ruins the factor of lyrics which the pop genre is based on, when someone so young is singing of such things you don’t truly experience till your older days of life.


Now real credible artists like Ludacris are being put in their music, so that he can make some money as well. It’s a sad day when a rapper like Luda is in the same song as Justin Bieber and it makes fans lose respect for Ludacris. This should not rest well with you; this is something that can not just bring the Pop genre down but music as a whole down. Let’s set some standards for the types of music we see as something that should be deemed as legitimate and faithful to the industry. That way we can listen to something that are children can enjoy, yet still be seen as a believable and well worked piece of art. If Justin Bieber had a few more years on his age you could see him succeeding as a great artist. I can see him becoming a great artist once he has experienced a little more of his life and can write his own unique lyrical content.

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