Is Cheryl’s Job as US X-Factor Judge in Jeopardy?

Cheryl Cole - X-Factor Judge

Looks like Cheryl Cole’s dream to crack America as an X-Factor judge has been put on hold. TV producers of the US version of the show have doubts that the Girls Aloud star will ‘pull in’ figures.

An X-factor source told the Daily Star, “The American public don’t know who Cheryl is and just ‘being a good friend of Simon’s from some unknown girl band’ isn’t cutting it.”

The decision has led to heated debuts and X-Factor pioneer Simon Cowell has threatened to ‘pull out” on the US show if his side-kick isn’t given a seat on the judging panel.

There’s been speculation that more worthy stars such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Robbie Williams may be selected as judges for the sing competition. Even the most uninterested person will be shocked by the news, that Cole – whose best pals with Will-i-am and Justin Bieber – did not bag the job. Let’s face it, she’s been kissing Cowell’s butt for many years.

So what exactly could Chezza bring the X-Factor table? Let’s look at the evidence: Cole made a fifth of Girls Aloud, producing a string of cheesy pop or guilty pleasures (whichever you prefer). After the band ‘split temporarily’ in 2009, she embarked a solo career, occasionally collaborating with her old pal Will-i-am. She even appears in L’Oreal adverts (because she’s worth it- couldn’t resist.)

Cole became an X-factor judge in 2008, replacing Sharon Osborne. She deserves some credit for her work on X-Factor, recognising Alexander Burke and Rebecca Ferguson as true talent. However, Cole is more noted for mess-ups: remember Gamu?  Say no more.

Cheryl Cole as a judge on X-Factor

It’s laughable that the so-called singer -- whose debut album, Messy Little Raindrops, is nominated for the worst album of the year – could mentor hopefuls who are clearly more creditable singers. Thanks to her poor judgement, most talented hopefuls don’t even make it through the live shows. If there’s any justice in the world, they should pick up a recording deal at a drop of the hat.

There’s no doubt she will somehow be behind the scenes of America X-factor, thanks to Cowell’s hair brained schemes. Reports reveal that Cheryl is set to be the US version of Sinitta, helping her puppet master to mentor up-and-coming contestants.

So what’s the moral of this story? If you kiss Cowell’s behind long enough, you too can crack America.

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